History of Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & Industry | Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & Industries

History of Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Brief history:

                              Before formulation of Gujrat chamber of commerce & industry business community of Gujrat is associated with Sialkot chamber of commerce & industry and the Gujranwala chamber of commerce & industry. An exporter of Gujrat Mr. SARFRAZ IFTHAR Sheikh starts efforts to start chamber in Gujrat in 1992. He was also the first president of this chamber. The history of chamber consists of many dramatic series. Different eras of this institution are covered under as

Year 1992:

                  Formulation of chamber, his first office was in small industry estate G,T Road Gujrat.

Year 1993:

Bane on chamber, due to conflicts between two groups because of election results.

Year 1994:

Administrator appointed

Year 1995:

Reopening of chamber by federal trade minister Ch Ahmed Mukhtar

Year 1997:

Administrator control

Year 2000:

Elections under administrator Mr. Ansar Ghuman was president (2000-2001)

Year 2002:

After election process MR. Muhammad ilyas appointed as president (2002-2003)

Year 2003:

Ch Ifthar Ahmed  was the president of chamber (2003-2004)

Year 2008:

Mr javeed ahmed butt was president of chamber (2008-2009)

Year 2009:

Mr Muhammad Imtiaz was president (2009-2010)

Year 2010:

Mr Irfan Yousaf was President (2010-2011)

Year 2012:

Mr Mirza Mushtaq Ahmed is president (2011-2012)

Year 2013:

Mr. Adnan Iqbal Makki (2012-13)

Year 2014:

Mr. Tariq Bilal Malik (2013-14)

Year 2015

Mr. Saqib Ishaq (2014-15)

Year 2016

Mr. Mian Mohammad Ijaz (2015-16)

Year 2017

Mr. Sheikh Abrar Saeed (2016-17)


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