Visa Recommendation

Visa Recommendation

Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GTCCI) issues Visa Recommendation letters to its active members to facilitate them in grant of visas.

In order to get the recommendation visa from the Gujrat Chamber of Commerce, you have to undergo a process of filling the application form and after careful scrutiny you can get a recommendation letter .

The visa recommendation letters are issued for: –
  1. Visit abroad by a member for business meetings, attending conferences, seminars, exhibitions, business meetings, visits etc.
  2. Visit of foreign businessmen to Pakistan for business meetings, attending conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.
The member can apply online for obtaining visa recommendation letter visiting NADRA portal at:

Mandatory Documents

1. Passport
2. Picture ( 45mm/35mm ) White
3. Request Letter
4. Undertaking
5. Hotel Booking
6. Bank Statement
7. Chamber Certificate
8. Chamber Fee Receipt
9. Previous Travel History
10. Guaranty Letter 

Fee Required

1. Normal PKR =2500/- ( 4 Days )
2. Urgent PKR =5000/- ( 24 Hours ) 
3. Before Six Months PKR =30,000/- ( 24 Hours ) 

Note : Additional Online Fee PKR =1020/- will also pay while submitting online visa letter.