Mr. Kashif Manzoor Butt

Mr. Kashif Manzoor Butt

Vice President

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M/s. Butt Plastic Industry Opp: GFC Fans, G. T. Road, Gujrat

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In the name of Allah the most beneficial & merciful, First of all I would like to thank Allah, my parents, leadership of Shaheen Founder group & above all the members of GtCCI for putting their trust in me an enable me to uphold the office as President GtCCI.

I also congratulate the team news link for publishing this issue in such a short time without their sincere efforts it was not possible.

As the economy of Pakistan is under great depression and our exports have been declining by every passing day and imports are been increasing at a high pace. we have exported the goods approx. US $20 billion  and imported goods of US $ 52 billion which amounts to a heavy trade deficit of US $32 billion, in this year my primary objective will be helping our exporters to enhance their exports, trying to faster new avenues of exports by taping unconventional markets and now traditional products and trying to convince our Government to take such steps with the consultation of Chambers of commerce & industry that will discourage imports, we will also try to play a pivotal role in establishing a good relationship between Government and  Businessmen to establish an environment of mutual cooperation to work as the compliance side not only but also as a the revenue side.

We hope in this year like always GtCCI will prove to be among the top growing chambers of Pakistan, we will take more & more businessmen onboard and help them to become a beneficial part of economy as well as the society.

We are also working as the regional cooperation of the business community and as well as national integration of the business community to strengthen their voice for the rights of business community.

In the end I will pray to almighty to guide me and help me to serve my community in a better way share my part in to improving the current economic situation of Pakistan & work for the betterment of the members of GtCCI.