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In the name of Allah, the most beneficial & merciful, first of all I would like to thank Allah, my parents, leadership above all the members of GtCCI for putting their trust in me and enable me to uphold the office as President GtCCI.

GtCCI is one of the top chambers in Pakistan and I am positive that it will keep on playing a major role in recommending its suggestions for policy making & economic growth of the country.

I am a firm believer that Chamber plays a pivotal role in bridging the Business Community of the region with the state and its departments. My priority would be addressing the core issues of the businessmen specially Tax Matters and grievances would be on top of the list among these. We would surely involve the Ministries in this particularly Ministry of Commerce.

The world we are living is a Global Village so it would be our keen interest to link our Industry with Global Market and Industry so that it can groom and grow according to the latest era. Enhancing the Exports of our region is also my prime motive and for this aim with the support of my team we will establish an “Export Promotion Cell” which will facilitate the Local Industrialists by sharing with them statistical data and market information. Apart from this we will also make a close liaison with the Economic Sections of Pakistan Missions abroad through Video Links for having the concrete and substantial support for benefiting our exporters.

We will encourage and promote the young business Graduates to choose Entrepreneurship as Careers rather than pursuing Jobs, effective Industry Academia linkage will also be managed for development of the Industry.

The declined Pottery sector will be restored especially we would raise the concern of Gas Tariffs which is a major raw material of this sector

Each of my member irrespective of which Business or Trade is related is more than welcome in Gujrat Chamber for highlighting the issue they are facing; a simple written application would be enough for us to address that concern and I assure my members that we will utilize all our available resources for overcoming that.

In the end once again I would like to thank my leadership and Business Community for reposing trust on me.